Good news for Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 owners: Manufacturer offers ABS variant as replacement with free service

Royal Enfield Pegasus 500

The Hush Post: It comes as good news for the sulking owners of Royal Enfield Pegasus 500. The Royal Enfield is planning to take up the issue with unhappy Pegasus 500 owners.

Under this plan, the company’s dealers will individually contact the unhappy Pegasus 500 owners. Now, the Royal Enfield dealers have actually started contacting the Pegasus 500 customers, a report said.

Royal Enfield Pegasus 500

The Royal Enfield dealers have contacted some of the Pegasus 500 owners in Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Chennai, Bangalore and Jaipur cities. The company dealers have also contacted some owners in Goa too. A Pegasus 500 owner Anuj Singh from Noida has revealed this, the report said.

Some Royal Enfield dealers have started calling a couple of Pegasus 500 owners in this regard

Anuj Singh says he is in touch with 60 Pegasus 500 owners who are unhappy with the treatment given to them. He says that now the Royal Enfield dealers are offering several schemes. The first option is a complete buyback. The dealer will take the bike, and give full amount back to the owner. These bikes will then be put as display bikes in the dealership, and will be sold to new customers.

In the second option, the company is offering one-year insurance and two free services. The third option is the replacement in the form of Stealth Black 500 ABS or Desert Storm 500 ABS. In coming weeks, the Royal Enfield dealers will contact all the sulking Pegasus 500 owners, the report said.

The company had launched Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 in the country in July this year. The company sold it as the most expensive RE till date, at about Rs 2.65 lakh on road.

When the company launched Classic Signals 350 a month later, it was much cheaper. It has ABS and got the stencilled number too. After this, the Pegasus 500 owners started protesting.

A Pegasus 500 owner even threw his brand new bike in the garbage dump. And several returned it to the dealer. Many did not take delivery of the bike. The manufacturer hopes to put the matter to rest with the latest solution.

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