“Killer planet Nibiru” hurtling towards Earth to trigger doomsday? (WATCH VIDEO)

This planet is bigger than Jupiter and its atmosphere could be at least 260,000 kilometre in diameter, and conspiracy theorists say the strange space object is killer planet Nibiru

The Hush Post: In an alarming development, some amateur astronomers have spotted a strange space object that is fast hurtling towards Earth.

Though several space agencies including National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have the weird object as a comet, conspiracy theorists say otherwise. They believe this gigantic object which is bigger than Jupiter might be Nibiru, alias Planet X, which will trigger doomsday on the earth, a report said.

An Australian skywatcher Michael Jager had initially shared the image of the space body online. The image immediately went viral, and several space experts said that the glowing ball’s atmosphere could be at least 260,000 kilometre in diameter. The object also emitted green flashes of light as it is approaching the earth.

Later, this news gained popularity when Tyler Glocker, a UFO researcher, uploaded a video about this phenomenon on his YouTube channel “Secureteam10”. In the video, Glockner strongly assured that the object discovered might not be a comet, as it does not have a tail. Glocker also made it clear that there appear to be two objects coming out from the central region of the subject, the report said.

It was reported that the video has now gone viral, racking up more than 290,000 views. And viewers were quick to speculate what it could be.

“Tyler, there is an optical phenomenon called the “green flash”. It can be seen at sunrise or sunset…However, I have never seen out of all my studies a green flash of this nature. True Green flashes can be seen at the rim of the sun, right above or below. The entire sky does not “flash” like in the video. In my opinion, this can be a very odd strong one,” a YouTuber Candace Argo explained about the green flashes.

Another YouTuber “Livres Audio” said: “Nibiru is coming and it’s real, Strange weather, Earthquakes and comets like never before… Every year is just worse than the previous… Something Big, Sick & Twisted is going to happen in the next years and we are not ready and we will never be.”

It may be recalled that earlier, David Meade, a strong proponent of the Nibiru apocalypse theory had claimed that the killer planet will appear on the skies between June to December 2018.

According to Meade, the arrival of Nibiru will trigger seven year tribulation period on the earth which will be characterized by natural disasters including tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc. Meade reveals that the world will go through 1000 years of peace after this tribulation period, and finally, the world will end forever, the report said.

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