Make free voice call to Uber driver without revealing your mobile number

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The prominent transportation network company Uber have come up with an interesting feature. The new feature in the app allows the users to make free voice calls to the drivers. This new feature is called ‘Safe calling from Uber App’ which is based on Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP). It means that the user will be able to make calls over data rather than voice network. Uber has provided this feature to both Android and Apple users. This will be a blessing for the users who want to keep their mobile numbers private while contacting cab driver.

“You can call driver using data and can ensure protection of your mobile number.”, says Uber in its prompt for the new feature.

According to the reports, the feature will help users who use Wi-Fi connections for communication. Also, those who don’t have local SIM cards.

This feature is completely optional and users can still make a phone call to driver if they want. However, using this feature will enable Uber to record conversations between driver and user.

How to make voice call to Uber driver

You just need to tap the call button within the application. The app will ask you to choose between regular and free call. Simply tap the free call option. Also, you’ll need to give access to the app to use device’s microphone to use the feature.

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