Patanjali clarifies why its messaging app Kimbho was taken off Google Play Store

Patanjali clarifies why its messaging app Kimbho was taken off Google Play Store
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Swami Ramdev’s messaging app had mysteriously vanished from Google Play Store just a day after its launch

The Hush Post: Claimed to be rival of WhatsApp, Swami Ramdev’s social messaging app Kibho mysteriously disappeared from the Google Play Store only a day after its launch. Contrary to the reports that there were some security-related issues with Kimbho, the Patanjali has explained that it had been launched only for one day on a trial basis.

The Yoga guru’s Kimbho app was touted to give a competition to Facebook-owned WhatsApp. The Patanjali’s app Kimbho had got a wide attention from users. But some people also voiced concerns about the privacy and security features of the new app. While a big section of the Twitterati made a fun of the new app, Patnjali has now come out with an explanation why its app was taken off from the Google Play Store.

Patanjali Yogpeeth official spokesperson SK Tijarawala said that the Kimbho app had been launched on a trial basis only for one day. The app had garnered over 150,000 downloads on Google Play Store within three hours of the launch, he said.

Tijarawala said it wasn’t an official launch of the Kimbho app and that the technical work is still in progress.

Security researcher Elliot Alderson had pointed out some serious vulnerabilities in the Kimbho app. He claimed that he could access the messages of all users. But this wasn’t the end of troubles for Kimbho, a report said.

Users also discovered a similar app on Apple’s App Store for iOS devices. It was alleged that the Kimbho iOS app is actually a copy-paste version of an existing Bolo Messenger app. The alleged Kimbho app for iOS had the same screenshots, product description and the app developer as that of the Bolo Messenger, it was reported.

On this, Tejariwala replied by saying that Kimbho app isn’t available on any app store at the moment, and the company takes no responsibility for the duplicates. He said that more details on the app will be made public soon, the report said.

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