Two IIT students develop ‘stand n pee’ device for women priced at Rs 10 only

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Two students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi, have developed a ‘stand and pee’ device for women. The device called ‘Sanfe’ (Sanitation for female) is priced at Rs 10 and has been tried and tested at the AIIMS by over 20,000 women.
Two IIT-Delhi third year students of textile engineering–entrepreneurs Harry Sehrawat and Archit Agarwal, have developed this eco-friendly device.
“Lack of hygiene in public washrooms exposes one out of every two women to Urinary Tract Infection (UTI),” Archit Agarwal told mediapersons.

Safe distance from dirty toilet seats

“With this device they can maintain a safe distance from the toilet seats,” he said. The effectiveness of the device lies in the fact that it eliminates the need for any physical contact with an unhygienic toilet seat.

Made of biodegradable paper, it is available at pharmacies in and around AIIMS in Delhi and e-commerce portals for now.The coating material of the product is water resistant in nature. The coating material of the product is water resistant in nature. Women can also use this during their menstruation cycle. It is compact enough to be carried in a purse and can be disposed of easily after one use.

“It has a flexible design and needs only a single hand to use, which is extremely useful for women wearing traditional Indian clothes. The flaps are gentle on the skin so that no scratch or itch takes place,” Agarwal said. Sanfe is the world’s cheapest environment-friendly pee device.

So far, the makers have already received pre-orders to the tune of 50,000 units from various organisations. The young innovators have already set up a manufacturing unit in Noida.

No need to hold urge to pee 

“Sanfe will also liberate females from the constant burden of withholding their urge to pee,” he added. The product will be ideal for pregnant women, women with arthiritis, differently-abled, to be used at public toilets at railway stations, trains and bus terminals.


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