Teenager detained for allegedly making lewd calls to women professors in Jaipur

The Hush Post | 12:20 pm | One-minute read

Jaipur police detained a teenager from Hisar on Friday for allegedly making lewd internet calls to 40 women professors of Rajasthan University.

The police said that on July 3, a woman professor filed a complaint in Mahesh Nagar police station about receiving lewd calls from some unknown numbers. The complainant said that the caller seemed to be always the same person.

Also, the police team handling the case said that a courier with an objectionable item was delivered at the woman’s house.

Working on the clues, the police was able to find the boy through the suspected IP address.

The police statement read that the accused got the contact details of the professors from the website of Rajasthan University. Also, to make the calls, he used the Wi-Fi connection of the college where his father works as a professor.


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