“I killed her,” Accused No 1 in Hyderabad doc’s rape-murder case told parents, but not how

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One of the four accused in the rape of Hyderabad veterinarian was Mohammad. Immediately after committing the horrific crime, he came home but everyone could see scars of worry on his face at a small one-room home in Jakkular village in Narayanpet district of Telangana.

A day before he was picked up, on the intervening night of 27 and 28 November, a government veterinary doctor in Hyderabad was raped and murdered before being strangulated to death and burnt. The police arrested the four accused on 29 November, including Mohammad. Mohammad is now the “Accused-1” (A-1).

25-year-old Mohammad, aka Areef, is a lorry driver. After committing the crime, Mohammad told his mother that he had killed a woman in an accident.

But “Accused-2” Jollu Shiva, first punctured the tyres of the doctors scooty to render her immobile.

Then Mohammad, along with “Accused-3,” Jollu Naveen, and “Accused-4” Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu, forcibly took her to a nearby compound. All four took turns to rape her. It was Mohammad who shut her mouth, nose till she died.

That night when Mohammad returned, his mother said, “Before he told us that he had killed a woman in an accident, I asked him if he wanted to eat. But he refused.”

She could sense that Mohammad was in deep thought. After some time, he broke his silence and told his parents about the crime, but he told lies.

“We did not ask him questions. He looked scared and distressed and all he wanted to do was go to sleep.”

Molanbi thought the accident story was true but all hell broke loose when the cops took him away

Molanbi thought what her son told her to be true. When she saw six policemen, dressed in plainclothes, break into her home and take her son away, she was shattered

Mohammad’s father, Hussain did tell him repeatedly that he should have been more careful. “I scolded him and said that he needs to drive carefully. But Mohammad was not listening. He was in deep thought and kept insisting we all sleep. After sometime, we did.”

The night passed, Molanbi grew more anxious. She thought what her son told her to be true. When she saw six policemen, dressed in plainclothes, break into her home and take her son away, she was shattered. That was the last time she saw her son.

“He would come home once in every five to eight days. As soon as he did, it was my signal to heat water for him. He would have a bath, change into other clothes. I would insist he should eat, but he wouldn’t. His phone would keep ringing and then he would leave,” she said adding that he stayed for a maximum of half an hour every time he came home.

Sixty-five year old Chand Pasha, Molanbi’s neighbour lives right across her home. But he says, he has never seen Mohammed in recent times. “He would come and leave. There are several people in this village who wouldn’t see him or be able to recognize him,” he said.

And now, the question is whether he will ever come.


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