Medical negligence: Doctors leave scissors inside patients stomach in Hyderabad

The Hush Post | 5:55 pm | Two-minute read

A shameful incident of medical negligence happened in Hyderabad on Thursday, February 07. The doctors at Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) left scissors inside a patient’s stomach. The patient had her operation done for hernia, but the X-ray reports clearly shown that the scissors were inside her stomach.

33 years old Maheshwari Chowdhary was feeling frequent stomach pain after her surgery on November 01 last year. She was discharged from the hospital on November 12. Last Thursday, on February 07, she was rushed again to the hospital due to serious stomach pain.

Director at NIMS, Dr K Manohar said that a committee is made to enquire the incident. The actions will be initiated on the basis of committee’s report. According to the reports, Prof Beerappa and his team of gastroenterology department performed the first surgery.

However, the relatives of the patient filed a complaint with the resident medical officer at the hospital. “Maheshwari had been complaining of severe stomach pain at times. But we thought that it was because of surgery only. When we took her to the hospital, the X-ray reports clearly showed the scissors. Initially the hospital authorities were reluctant in giving us the X-ray but we managed to get it.”, said patients relative Mahadev.

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