PUBG addict teen fakes his own kidnapping, demands money from parents

The Hush Post | 6:20 pm | One-minute read

A 16-year-old boy from Hyderabad, who was a PUBG addict, faked his own kidnapping and demanded money from his parents, the police said on Monday.

According to the reports, the boy did the same because his parents took away his mobile phone because of his love for the online game PUBG. The police informed that the teenager was undergoing coaching for the IIT entrance exams. His parents filed a complaint with the police when he went missing on October 11 after informing that he was on his way to his friend’s house. But actually, he traveled to Mumbai.

Enroute to Mumbai, when the bus stopped in Sholapur, the boy took a phone from a passerby and called his mother. Changing his voice, he said “her son was abducted’ and he demanded Rs 3 lakh.

The boy came back to Hyderabad on October 12 and booked an online ticket to Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. However, his mother received a text message about the ticket booking and she immediately informed the police. A police team reportedly went to the central bus stand and traced the boy.

The police also informed that the boy secured very good marks in his class 10 exams but now he was not performing well as he got addicted to playing the PUBG game after which his parents took his mobile phone.

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