“Producer’s wife asked me to have sex with her husband for career,” says lyricist Shreshta

shreshta film lyricist

The Hush Post: A day after allegations of casting couch emerged from Telegu film industry many are coming forward with like incidents which happened with them.

Considered the first female lyricist of Telugu cinema, Shreshta has opened up on sexual harassment she faced when she was a struggling player in the industry.

In an interview, Shreshta said that she was forced to put on hold her career as a lyricist after Shreshta was repeatedly told that she can’t get anywhere in the industry with her talent alone.

“I had to postpone my career because of a few bad experiences. Many people have openly suggested to me that I won’t be able to make a name for myself in the industry only with my writing. I have learned over the years that it’s not just men but also women who unabashedly perpetuate such things,” Shreshta reportedly said.

Shreshta said that she was approached by the wife of a producer, who asked her to meet the “sexual demands” of her husband. In yet another incident, a man threatened her after she rejected to attend the party that he had arranged in Goa.

“I was helpless. I warned them strongly and left the industry for a few months,” Shreshta said.

Shreshta got her big break with the success of Pelli Choopulu and continued her streak with last year’s superhit film Arjun Reddy. She has also penned lyrics for Yuddham Sharanam and Hello.

For the last few months, the Telugu film industry has been in the midst of controversy after actress Sri Reddy alleged that she was sexually exploited by many industry bigwigs on the promise that she will be given good roles in their movies.

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