Two men in Hyderabad tries to bury infant alive, arrested

The Hush Post | 5:50 pm | One-minute read

Two men in Hyderabad were arrested while they were trying to bury an infant alive on Thursday. The police suspected it to be a case of female infanticide.

According to the reports, the accused were spotted by an auto-rickshaw driver around 9 am on Thursday when they were digging a pit with a bag in their hand. The auto-rickshaw driver immediately informed the police when he suspected that there was a baby in the bag.

The police then reached the spot and found a baby girl inside the bag. “After it came to our notice, we immediately went to the location and found a baby in the bag,” Constable S Venkata Ramakrishna reportedly informed India Today.

One of accused told police that they were burying the dead body of his granddaughter. However, the police found the baby alive inside the bag. Both of the accused were taken to custody. The police informed that the baby was taken to Gandhi Hospital.

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