Telugu news anchor Radhika Reddy ends life by jumping from building

In her suicide note she cited the depression as the cause of her taking the extreme step

Radhika Reddy
TV News Acnhor Radhika Reddy. -Photo courtesy The Indian Express

The Hush Post: In a shocking incident, a Telugu news channel anchor ended her life by jumping from the fifth floor of her residential building in Kukatpally area of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh on Sunday.

In her alleged suicide note, which the police have found from her handbag, the news anchor has cited the depression as the cause of her taking the extreme step. “Due to depression I am killing myself. Nobody else is the reason. My brain is my enemy,” her alleged suicide note reads.

The deceased has been identified as 36-year-old Radhika Reddy who resided in Srivila Apartment in Moosapet. She was working as a news reader at V6 channel. The police said she immediately died after falling down from the five-storey apartment. The police said the news anchor sustained a fatal head injury, a leg fracture and multiple blunt injuries on the body.

The deceased news anchor was living with her parents after her divorce with her husband nearly six months ago. She has a 14-year-old son Banu Teja Reddy who is mentally challenged.

A Hyderabad-based journalist reportedly said Radhika returned home from work after reading the late evening news bulletin. Radhika’s father told local media that he heard a loud noise from outside at around 10.30 pm while he was waiting for his daughter to return. He later found that she had jumped from the top floor of the building.

The Kukatpally Police have started an investigation in the matter.


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