Textbooks in Telangana schools suggest childbirth is an ‘unsolved mystery’

The Hush Post Post| 5:28 pm | One-minute read

While medical science has advanced to a great extent, there is no ‘unanswered mystery’ behind how babies are born. This is what the Class X Biology textbooks of the Telangana State Council Education Research and Training tells the students.

According to a report in the Times of India, page 126 of the textbook mentioned above reads, “We still do not know much about the mechanism of childbirth and how it is triggered.”

Not only this, but there were many mistakes reported in the TSCERT Biology textbooks of classes VIII, IX, and X. According to the report, a section of Class VII biology book reads, “Marriage is a social and cultural practice to produce the next generation in our country. Before reaching the required age, to get married is an unhealthy issue.”

C Srinivasulu, assistant professor of Zoology at Osmania University reportedly said, “I can’t understand how they can write in a textbook that they do not know much about the mechanism of childbirth. There is plenty of material available and there are ways to explain these topics to children.”

“If they fail to impart basic education and give biological explanations, children will start treating opposite-sex people like objects,” said Venkata Sainath, Joint Secretary, Hyderabad School Parent Association.

All the editors of the books belonged to Vidya Bhavan Educational Resource Centre, Udaipur, the newspaper report said.

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