TEMPLES OF HIMACHAL: Baba Balakrupi Mandir, Kangra district

Baba Balakrupi Mandir, Kangra district
Baba Balakrupi Mandir, Kangra district

[email protected] HushPost: Situated near Shahpur in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, Baba Balakrupi temple is one of the locally famous temples in the area. Baba Balakrupi represents the child form of Baba Balaknath , one amongst the many naths and sidhs revered across the country. The main seat of Bababalak nath is at a cave in Deotsidh in Shahtali area on the border of Bilaspur and Hamirpur districts. There are two temple dedicated to the child form of Baba Balaknath in the form of Babab Balakrupi – one in Shahpur, Kangra and the other one in Jogindernagar, Mandi.

The Baba Balakrupi temple lies in Shahpur in Balakrupi village, named after Baba Babalaknath, in Lambagaon tehsil of Kangra didtrict. It is about 10-12 km from Sujanpur, not to be confused with the fort town perched at the top of Sujanpur called Sujanpur Tihra. Every year a fair is organised at the temple from March 13 to 14, the fair is quite popular among the locals as well as the devotees of Baba Balaknath who come from various parts of Punjab and Delhi as well.

Baba Balaknath is considered as a form of lord Shiv. Legend has it that the deity represents a 3-yr-old boy who had left his home on a chardham yatra and later he returned to take refugee with an issueless woman. When one of the gurus, Guru Goraknath tried to make him his disciple, he took shelter in a cave, went into meditation and then due to his supernatural powers began to be revered by the locals in the area.

  • By air- Kangra airport is the nearest, next is the Chandigarh airport, around 120 km from the temple.
  • By train- Rail stations at Una, Jogindernagar, Chauntra. There are almost daily trains from Delhi to Una.
  • By road- It is about 58 km from Dharamshala .
Baba Balakrupi Mandir, Kangra district
Baba Balakrupi Mandir, near Shahpur, Kangra district



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