TEMPLES OF HIMACHAL: Kaathgarh Shiv Temple , Indora, Kangra

Kathgarh Shiva Indora, Kangra
Kathgarh Shiva Indora, Kangra

Kaathgarh is a village situated in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. This village is home to one of the earliest and atypical temples in the world that is the Shiv Mandir Kaathgarh.

The Shiv Mandir Kathgarh houses a Shivalinga of about 6 feet in height which is divided in two parts. While the larger part is paid obeisance as Lord Shiva, the smaller part is worshipped as Goddess Parvati, the better half of Lord Shiva.

Kathgarh Shiva Indora, Kangra
Kaathgarh Shiva Indora, Kangra

This abode of God comes with modern amenities such as library, parking, toilets, free langar (food served to the devotees and visitors) and canteen. Lodges are also accessible at Indora Rest House and Yatri Nivas, Kaathgarh.

The Kathgarh Shiv Mandir can be approached from two different routes. It is located at a distance of about 3-4 km from Mirthal in Punjab and 7 km from Indora in Himachal Pradesh at the convergence of Choch and Beas rivers.


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