mata chaturbhuja mandir, jogindernagar
Mata Chaturbhuja mandir is located on the Jogindernagar- Sarkaghat road, 50 km from Mandi town and 24 km from Jogindernagar.


Mata Chaturbhuja which means “goddess with four arms” is in the beautiful Jogindernagar valley on the Jogindernagar–Sarkaghat road. The temple is located at a height of 1500 m above sea level. During the time of Navratras, the temple can be seen crowded with the pilgrims from across the country. The Chaturbhuj temple is about 50 km from Mandi town and about 24 km from Jogindernagar. The place is well-connected by roads but because of the hilly terrain it takes a bit longer to reach the destination.

There are a lot of beliefs, myths, stories and distorted history associated with many places. One of the beliefs that goes with this temple is that on the night of daiyan(rakshasas) amavasya, there is a war between the gods and rakshasas at a place on a hilltop near the famous Parashar lake in Mandi. If the gods lose, a sacrifice of any animal like sheep, cow, goat, bull, dog or even a human being has to be made. On the next pooranmashi (full moon day) the ‘poojari’ (goor) of the Chaturbhuja temple gets to know of the ‘sacrificial being’ through a hallucination process called ‘khel’ in local parlance. The name and place of the person whose cattle will be sacrificed is displayed officially at the SDM’s office in Jogindernagar. Then, a way of saving the sacrificial offering from losing its life is also told by the goor.

Jogindernagar is quite popular for its temples and tourist places, winter sports and skydiving. The town was named after the king Joginder Sen of Mandi. The nearest railway station is Una, bus station is Mandi and the nearest airport is the Chandigarh or Kangra airport.


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