Temples of Mandi: Bhootnath Temple

Bhootnath Temple in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

[email protected]One of the most tourist-attracting temples of Himachal Pradesh is Bhootnath temple. This ancient temple with Lord Shiva as its controlling deity,  is of the time when the capital was shifted from Bhiuli to the present one i.e. Mandi. The idol of Nandi, the bull of deity Shiva stands sacred, and faces the ornamental arch of the sanctuary. Elephant figures can be seen all around. The design of building of the temple is in the Shikara style framework of the earlier time of around 1520’s, when Raja Ajber Sen built it.

The story associated with the construction of the temple is that Lord Shiva appeared in the dreams of Raja Ajber, and directed him about a buried Shivlinga at the place, and to build a temple by extraction of the Linga. This place was named Bhootnath Temple by the Raja, and was made the attraction spot for Shiv ratri fair within the district.

Bhootnath bazaar is the market area named after the temple in Mandi. The well preserved temple is a famous a tourist point for travelers, and a subject of exploration for local people. The priests of the temple are known to help and direct people with the history of this Bhootnath temple. The temple offers a lot to capture, learn, and wonder about.


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