Thai judge shoots himself after delivering this verdict

The Hush Post | 6:50 pm | One-minute read |

A Thai judge got so distressed with a verdict he passed that he shot himself in inside a packed court.  Khanakorn Pianchana used a pistol to shoot himself in a provincial court in the city of Yala, in southern Thailand. He had alleged interference in the case.

The judge had just acquitted five men of murder and firearms charges due to lack of evidence. He also decried the kingdom’s judicial system in an impassioned speech broadcast on Facebook Live.

Luckily, Khanakorn Pianchana’s injuries were not life-threatening. He underwent surgery following the incident.

Before the shooting a statement attributed to Khanakorn went viral on the social media. He claimed that senior judges told him to change his verdicts in the case to guilty. This would have meant sentencing three defendants to death and two to jail.

“At this moment, other fellow judges in Courts of First Instance across the country are being treated the same way as I was. [If] I cannot keep my oath of office, I’d rather die than live without honour,” the statement said.

A spokesperson of the Office of the Judiciary said that Khanakorn apparently shot himself because he had personal issues and was under stress.

Critics have accused Thailand’s courts of working in favour of the rich and powerful, while delivering swift and harsh sentences on ordinary people for minor offences.


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