Thieves fire at a couple having sex in a car, bury them alive and flee with their SUV

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Thieves fired at a couple having sex in a car and fled with their SUV. The thieves also buried the couple before fleeing. The incident has been reported from Gutyrivka, a village in central Ukraine. A local court has sentenced the main convict to life imprisonment. The Poltava Regional Court also sent his accomplice to 12 years in jail.

Convicts Gennady Andreev and Ruslan Klemenchuk

44-year-old Yury Beznischenko and his lover Alla Vitryak, 40, often used to have sex in the forest near Gutyrivka. Convicts Gennady Andreev, 39, and his accomplice Ruslan Klemenchuk, 36, used to watch them often.

Yury Beznischenko, pictured with his Volkswagen Touareg

In June 2016, Andreev and Klemenchuk ambushed the couple and attacked them while they were making love. They shot the couple both in the head and then buried them while they were alive.

Reports say, Andreev shot Yury in the head and demanded Alla to hand over her gold jewellery. After she did so, he shot her in the head as well. Yury and Alla were holding hands and pleading for mercy, but the thieves did not relent.

Police spokesman Ruslan Biryukov said: ‘Andreev and Klemenchuk shot the victims and buried them. The victims were still alive. The man and the woman died holding hands in their grave.’

A year later, Andreev tried to sell the parts of the SUV on the internet. The police saw the ad online and the pair was jailed.


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