This Indian cricketer tried to commit suicide by shooting himself dead |Details inside

praveen-kumar suicide

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Former Indian cricket Praveen Kumar recently tried to end of his life.

He became an overnight sensation after the 2008 CB series in Australia when he swung India to a historic win. But things soon started falling apart. At first, he struggled with injuries. But just when he would have thought of working towards making a comeback to the team, India found a number of quality pacers. There were Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav as well as Jasprit Bumrah. Unsurprisingly, Praveen Kumar fell down in the pecking order and eventually retired from the game in 2018.

Injuries were not the only issue with Praveen Kumar. The ex-India cricketer was also fighting against depression as he found it tough to deal with the way his career was panning out. In a recent interview, Praveen Kumar revealed that he nearly shot himself with his revolver.

Then he started drinking heavily

Soon after being dropped from the Indian team, Praveen Kumar got into alcohol. “Please tell me who doesn’t drink,” Kumar said before adding, “People have spread this perception, I don’t know why. No one will speak about the good things I have done. I sponsor young children, I have arranged marriages of 10 girls, I help cricketers financially. India mein bas sab ek hawa banate hain log. Meri hawa galat banayi gayi. Hawa toh hawa hai, ek baar chal gayi toh one can’t do anything (In India, a perception is created. A perception was created about me too. Once that happens, one can’t do anything).”

During the candid interview, Praveen Kumar also revealed that he is partially blind and was even so during his playing days. He said that only Rohit Sharma new about it while he opened up on the problems he faced due to the ailment.

“I can’t see properly with my right eye. I was hit by a ball while playing junior cricket. I underwent treatment at a Delhi hospital. The doctor said they could do a transplant but could not guarantee return of vision and that things might become worse,” said Praveen Kumar as his father decided against the operation.



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