Three brothers get themselves bitten by Black Widow so that they could turn into Spiderman

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Three brothers, who wanted to become Spiderman, got themselves bitten by a dangerous Black Widow, landing themselves in a hospital for a week.

The incident has been reported from Bolivia. The three brothers, aged 12, 10 and 8, were herding goats when they caught sight of a black widow. The trio then poked the spider with a stick so that it will bite them and eventually turn them into Spiderman.

Bolivia health official Virgilio Pietro revealed the incident at a coronavirus briefing recently. The three brothers are said to be natives of Chayanta, a town in the Andean region of Potosí.

On May 14, the Marvel fans were sent to graze the goats. Their mother had gone for firewood when they came across the dangerous spider.  They tried to replicate the incident in the comic book story wherein a boy turns into Spiderman after being bitten by a radioactive spider.

Local media reported that the boys kept disturbing the spider till it had bitten all three of them. The three couldn’t bear the pain and started crying. When the mother arrived, she took them to Chayanta Health Centre, from where they were transferred to another hospital.

The kids had fever, tremors and muscle pains the day after when they were transferred for a third time to a hospital in La Paz.

The children were treated and released after a week of the incident.

Pertinently, Black widows are one of the “most feared” spiders in the world.


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