Three medical college students pregnant | Allege sexual assault

Sexual assault

The Hush Post| 7:12 pm|one-minute-read|

In a general health check-up camp at a Medical college, three undergraduate students of a Hyderabad college were found to be pregnant.

They then alleged that they were sexually assaulted by a man. However, till the findings came out in a check-up camp they did not confide about sexual predation to anyone.

The district child protection officer (DCPO) has said that the incident came to the fore when the three women were found pregnant in a general health check-up.

The health check-up was done on 10 students. These included three women, of a government college in Kumarambheem-Asifabad district in Telangana. The DCPO has suspected that the women were sexually assaulted.

The health check-up was done in November but the incident came to light after a child rights activist alerted the authorities of the women’s dilemma. The victims have not revealed the identity of the accused who had allegedly sexually assaulted them.

During an inquiry, the women said that a man who lives close to their houses had sexually assaulted them. A case is yet to be registered in connection with the incident.


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