Tik Tok App removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store

tik tok app

The Hush Post|11:30 am|1-min-read

Since today morning, TikTok will not be available for download in India on Google’s Play Store nor Apple’s App Store. Google has blocked the access to this Chinese video-sharing app. On April 04, the Madras High Court had asked the central government to ban Tik Tok, saying it encouraged pornography. Thereafter, the central government had sent a letter to Google and Apple to abide by the state court’s order. However, the app is no longer available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play store in India.

TikTok has run into controversy in India, with many people using it to share violent , communal and even sexual videos. Recently, a teen was shot dead while filming a video with a gun in Delhi.

0The app is owned by Chinese company ByteDance. It allows the users to create short videos and then share them. According to app analytics firm Sensor Tower, more than 30 million users in India installed it in January 2019.

In a statement on Tuesday, TikTok said it has faith in the Indian judicial syslem.

It said, “We are optimistic about an outcome that would allow over 120 million monthly active users in India to continue using TikTok to showcase their creativity and capture moments which relates to everyday lives”.

The state court has requested written submissions from ByteDance. The next hearing has been scheduled for April 24.


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