Tips to maintain menstrual hygiene

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Menstruation is a part of sexual health of young girls and women. Commonly called periods, it is a process where an egg sheds inside the body of a female. This process takes place every month for about less than or 7 days.

Talking about periods in front of males is still a taboo, even after creating so much of awareness on the same. In general, it is not a problem but a process. However, for girls hygiene during menstruation and genital hygiene is very essential.

It is important to keep menstrual hygiene to avoid infections. To avoid such infections we need to take proper care, especially during the periods.

Here are few tips on menstrual hygiene

Change your sanitary pads every 4 or 5 hours Using same pad for longer period may cause irritation and rashes. But at the same time, it is okay to have a single pad for whole night as long as the flow is less.

  • Wash your genitals regularly and during your periods do not opt for any intimate cleaning products as during these times your genitals are self activated for cleaning.
  • Always stick to one method of sanitation, don’t keep changing. There are many products available these days for the same such as tampons and pads. So choose according to your requirement
  • When you bathe , never rub the vaginal area vigorously , always pat dry. Wiping may cause bacterial infections.
  • Always use an antiseptic powder to keep the vaginal area dry. It is very necessary to keep the genitals dry as damp area is a welcome invite for infection
  • While cleaning the area always make a motion of front to back otherwise it can cause bacterial diseases.
  • After changing the pad or tampons always wash your hands with warm water to prevent transmission of bacteria.
  • During your periods, avoid tight fitted clothes as while these days clothes should be airy as tight clothes may give be uneasy and uncomfortable.
  • Pad rash is a very common problem faced during these days, these happens because of friction between thighs. To avoid that you need to keep the area dry and keep changing pads. Apply the antiseptic cream to avoid the same.
  • Dispose off your pads properly. Never flush away your pad as it may clog the sewerage pipes. Remove and wrap it up in a newspaper and throw in the dustbin. It has nothing to do with you vaginal hygiene but is about environmental cleaning.


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