Scene from Three Idiots gone wrong: Wife dies while delivering child at home

childbirth at home

The Hush Post: In what seemed to be an inadvertent enactment of a scene from Three Idiots, a woman from Tirupur in Tamil Nadu died after her husband tried to have the wife deliver the child at home.

And what was he equipped with? Just a couple of videos from the YouTube. The couple believed in natural birth and planned to have the baby delivered at home, according to the couple’s friends.

Kritiga and Karthikeyan, both worked as teachers in a private school. Kritiga ,28, delivered a baby boy at 1:30 pm in afternoon  at their home with the help of her husband. But within an hour, she allegedly had fits and her husband called an ambulance.

According to the report by Chief Health Officer, “The woman lost a lot of blood during the delivery and went into a physiological shock. That is why she collapsed and died.”

Police say, the extended family of the couple believed that a grandfather Thangavelu, who died a week before the lady conceived was going to be reborn as the couple’s second child.  “All of them had encouraged ‘natural delivery’ and the woman never went for a regular checkup to any doctor or hospital,” investigating officer Jeyachandran told the NDTV.

Another couple Praveen Kumar and Lavanya, who were friends of the couple are supposed to have encouraged them to go for childbirth at home. Lavanya told them she delivered her second child at home.

Praveen and Lavanya are said to have “helped” a few other couples in childbirth at home. They are being questioned.

The husband Karthikeyan has been taken into custody. The couple has a three-year-old daughter and the second born baby boy is said to be doing fine.


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