Top 7 haunted places in India and the stories behind them!

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The truth about the existence of ghosts is a mystery. Some say it is true, some say it is just a myth. However, there are several places that are believed to be haunted. These places are said to have some super natural or mysterious presence.

The world of ghosts is a parallel world existing along the real world. They don’t bare any human interference in their world, this is what many believe.

Let us discover places being haunted and learn about the stories behind why are they actually haunted? These top 7 places across India are the most haunted. Continue reading.

Bhangarh fort, Alwar, Rajasthan- ASI Approved

Bhangarh Fort is the most haunted place in Asia. Even today, supernatural acts are taking place in this deserted region. Moreover, Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has prohibited visitors to enter inside the premises before and after sunset. The mystery behind the fort being haunted is unsolved even today but the story behind it being haunted is quite famous.

It is believed that Bhangarh was ruled by a king who was married to a very beautiful woman, Rani Ratnavati. A sorceror (practitioner of black magic) was quite attracted towards her beauty and wanted to marry her. However, knowing that he is of no match to the princess, he decided to attract her through his magic. Luckily, he found Ratnavati’s mistress in the market and enchanted the perfume which she was purchasing with his black magic.  The perfume, if poured on the princess, would make the princess surrender herself to him but his attempt went in vain.

The princess got to know of his evil design and pronounced death sentence to him in front of the whole town of Bhangarh. However, he cursed the city to death. As a result, the city never witnessed rebirths, it is believed.

The Barog Tunnel or Tunnel No. 33, Shimla

The Shimla-Kalka Railway is a 762 mm narrow railway track that travels through extremely beautiful mountain terrain. It is presumed that a ghost lingers around one of the railway tunnels at Barog. The story behind this mysterious truth would take you back to 1898. This was the time when a contract was signed for the construction of the Shimla-Kalka tunnel.

Colonel Barog, a chief British engineer was made in charge of getting the tunnel built. However, Colonel instructed the crew members to start digging from both ends of the tunnel so as to speed up the construction. He took this decision so that when work from both the ends would finish at the middle point, it would become one tunnel.

However, this was his biggest mistake. The workers kept on boring from both sides but the tunnel did not meet even after crossing the middle point. This happened due to Colonel’s miscalculations and the government charged him for ruining property. Moreover, workers also became furious as their hard work went in vain.

Out of sheer humiliation, frustration and depression Colonel shot himself dead. He was buried in front of that incomplete tunnel project. It is believed that Colonel never left the tunnel area. The train takes 2.5 minutes to cross the passage. The people have seen a spirit roaming in and around the tunnel. The silence and the darkness of the tunnel does appear mysterious.

Delhi Cantonment Road, New Delhi

Driving on a road covered with trees on both sides, that too, in pitch dark is something that would make even the most brave fearful. One such place is the Delhi Cantonment Road. The road is haunted by a woman who appears in a white sari and asks for a hitch from commuters, ones who agree are never found again. Many stories are famous as to explain the reason behind the road being haunted. Some say it is haunted, some say it’s a myth. Here are some stories which explain the mystery behind the truth.

It is believed that the woman had fallen prey to a man’s lust. A man raped her in his moving car when she asked him for a lift. Later, the guy dumped the body of the girl at Delhi cantt.

Another story is that the lady was a witch herself and found her husband cheating on her. Out of anger, she killed her children and later killed herself out of guilt and shame.

Since then her spirit has been wandering to find the way to her home where she killed her children asking for forgiveness. She is a lost soul asking for help from commuters and the ones who agree are lost forever.

Writer’s building, Kolkata

The Writer’s Building is the secretariat building of the state government of West Bengal in India. Originally, the office was built for writers of the British India Company in 1777. Several incidents have taken place inside the premises which mark the presence of something strange.

But whose ghosts are actually roaming here? Let’s know about the story.

The story is of 1930 when 3 Bengali freedom fighters, Benoy Basu, Badal Gupta and Dinesh Gupta reached Writer’s Building. They shot dead an ill-reputed Inspector General of Police, Colonel NG Simpson, infamous for his brutal oppression on the prisoners in jail.

After the killing, they were completely overpowered by the Calcutta Police, eventually resulting in the death of the three freedom fighters.

People have heard sounds of someone crying in the night, sounds of laughter, footsteps and voices of deaths in earthly hours. The most talked about tale is the appearance of a lady in white and a figure appearing or diminishing at night. It is believed that the spirit of Simpson resides in the building and haunts the place.

Bombay High Court, Mumbai

The story of the existence of a ghost in the Bombay High court is based on incidents that have been reported for the last 30 years. It is believed that some mystical being abuses, curses and threatens the accused to enter the court room.

It is believed that this ghost terrorizes people especially whenever a murder trial takes place. It is said that the bilingual ghost of a lawyer threatens and scares a convict to an extent that he or she ends up accepting the crime. The ghost is believed to be of a lawyer who used to practice here or of a man who was himself convicted in fake murder cases.

Kuldhara, Rajasthan

Kuldhara is an abandoned and haunted village in Jaisalmer, a place where there is nearly no human existence. The story behind this abandoned place is that of self-respect and following traditions.

Kuldhara used to be a home to Paliwal Brahmins. The Diwan of Jaisalmer, Salim Singh, known for his brutal tax collecting methods, set his evil eyes upon a beautiful girl. The girl was the daughter of the village chief. The Diwan warned the villagers that either they respectfully hand over the girl to him or else he would charge heavy taxes on everyone.

Fearing the wrath of the Diwan, the residents of the entire village left overnight leaving behind their homes. Surprisingly, no one saw thousands of Brahmins leaving the village. Till now, no one has an idea of where the Paliwals have vanished but it is believed that they cursed the king and the land of Kuldhara.

The land was abandoned by its own people who cursed that no one would be able to settle down in the village again.

Entrance to Kuldhara Village

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, Delhi

Built in 1354 by Sultan Feroze Shah Tughlaq, this fort is believed to be home to the Djinns. Those you harness such believes visit this fort to seek blessings and to find solutions to their problems. Also, many people perform exorcism here on the people who are under the spell of evil spirits.

However, experts on supernatural theories believe that Djinns have been living here for the past four decades. Like other haunted places, this place is also closed for public after sunset.

Many stories say that the Djinns still haunt the place as they are capable of surviving for thousand years with their families. People who worship them write letters to the Djinns seeking solutions for their problems.

The fort contains a Baoli, a ‘step well’ which is locked. One cannot have a clear look of the interiors of the baoli. However, the baoli was locked after of a mysterious suicide incident in early 2014.

Also, they say, the association of the Djinns is not too old; they have been here since 1977, a few months after the end of Emergency.



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