Top 8 nail shades trending for girls | Try them for yourself

As like fashion has evolved, nail paints have also gone under many modern changes. Gone are the days when only reds and brown used to rule the world of your nails. Now, many new shades have entered the market which establishes an ultimate look of your hands.

Following are some of the trending nail paints for this year that you must have in your vanity.


Beige color is not only a color for clothes only but now it is totally in for nails. Your nails look super clean and cute in this shade. Also, if you are working women, this type of color would best-suited for your professional outlook.




Pastel colors are completely trending, especially the green and yellow ones. These give you an amazing look even on short nails and are totally recommended for the teenagers.



A white shade makes an elegant look to your nails and goes with every outfit. Pastel white would surely give you a great look and it is a must have in your kit.





Neon colors entered the fashion industry and have become everybody’s favorite. Even in nail paints too, neon are super cool and are totally ranking up in choices. Neon pink would go with your short dresses and will give you a classy party look.





Now a day, gel nail colors are the very trending ones, they give your nails a super finish. Moreover, they have a long stay and their shades are completely different. Gel nail enamels even acts like a required protection for your nails.




Corals are the colors that are trending even in lip colors. With some floral outfits, these colors give you such a feminine look to you. Corals are the mix of all the tones of peach and pink.





If you are not a fan of pink and also don’t like corals then you will love these peach colors which are totally in even for clothing.






If you like little undermine look and want to look sexy then go for the tones of grey. They give a very different look and are trending too.



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