Abbot Mount: Heaven on Earth!

The Hush Post: Abbott Mount in Uttarakhand is one small place still holding onto the British lineage. At an altitude of 7000 feet, one can view the snow-capped cliffs of the mighty Himalayas in their full glory from the Gangotri cliff to Dhaulagiri range.

The place was first developed by John Harold Abbott who wanted a retreat from the tiresome life of the plains. Though this was established during the early part of the 20th century, it has succeeded to keep its identity till now.

Abbott Mount has spectacular trails and walkways that make the picnicker spellbound. The place encompasses a cluster of thirteen Cottages set in the midst of five acres of marvellous woods. On its pictorial ambience, this hamlet holds a lovely church, which provides an ethereal appeal to its magnificence.

How to get there:

Lohaghat is the closest well-connected town. Tanakpur offers train connections whereas Pant Nagar airport offers closest air connectivity.

Delhi to Abbott Mount is 384 km while Almora to Abbott Mount is 160 km

Places to see:

Pancheshwar is located at the Watersmeet of rivers Saryu and Kali and is a small village which is a home to the famous Pancheshwar Mahadev Temple. Locals believe that taking a dip at the confluence of the rivers washes away the humanly sins. The ancient temple, also known as The Chaumu Temple is visited by devotees during the Chaumu Jaat Yatra and the Annual Uttarayani Mela. Being at the borders of India and Nepal; the location gives its visitors a chance to admire the beauty of both countries.

Pancheshwar Dam is a joint venture of India and its neighbouring country Nepal. Serving both the countries with irrigation and hydroelectric power generation facilities, the dam is also an attraction to be visited too. Though there are restrictions on the entry of visitors to the areas near the Mahakali river, they can enjoy the views from certain distances. The visiting hours are from morning 10 to evening 5.

Lohaghat is a beautiful hill station located in the Champawat district in the state of Uttarakhand. This ancient town is an important place for temples and is flocked by tourists due to its historical and mythological significance.

Mayawati Ashram is located 16 kilometres from Abbot Mount and perched at an elevation of 1940 metres. Established in 1899 by Swami Vivekanand this is a spiritual centre which is synonymous with peace and tranquillity. The Ashram is located in the midst of beautiful snow-covered peaks that are a wonderful sight to behold. Popularly known as Advaita Ashram, this place serves as a prominent tourist attraction as well as a spiritual centre for devotees from India and abroad. The Ashram seeks to practice and propagate Advaita Vedanta, which is a school of thought pertaining to Hindu religious practices.

The only structure in the area said to have been constructed in the medieval time, Banasur ka Kila is about 20 km from Champawat and about 7 km from Lohaghat. It is believed to be the capital of demon Banasur the eldest son of the mythologically famous King Bali who faced his defeat at the hands of Lord Krishna.


Trekking, fishing, picnics, photography, bird watching

Best time to visit:

The hill station Abbott Mount has a pleasant cool climate all through the year.

Summers (March to June) are very pleasant with temperatures touching down to 10°C during nights and reaching a maximum of 20°C during day times. Tourist would like to explore the natural beauty during this season.

Monsoons (July to September) offers intermittent showers and cooler than summers. The place looks marvellous during showers.

Winters (November to February) are chilly with temperature touching down freezing levels. Many tourists avoid venturing outdoors during the freezing period of December – January.

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