The ‘Tals’ of Uttarakhand: Dodital

The Hush Post: Dodital is one of the most beautiful freshwater lakes in India. Perched at 3085 m above sea level, Lord Ganesha chose this place as his abode.

River Assi Ganga rises from Dodital and joins the river Bhagirathi. To reach Dodital from Uttarkashi you can take the below route plan:

From Haridwar here is a short itinerary to Dodital:
Day 1: Haridwar – Uttarkashi (175 Km/7 Hours Drive)
Day 2: Sangamchatti – Bherva (5 Hours Trek)
Day 3: Bherva – Dodital Lake (7 Hours Trek)
Day 4: Dodital Lake – Dwara Pass and Back (5 to 6 Hours)
Day 5: Dodital Lake – Bherva (5 Hours)

Day 6: Bherva – Road Head – Uttarkashi/Haridwar.

There is a forest rest house at Dodital where one can book a stay by taking a permit at the forest office in Uttarkashi. Alternatively, one can camp by carrying tents.

How to get there:
One needs to reach Haridwar to then start the onward journey to Dodital.

By Road: Haridwar has regular Volvo/Deluxe Bus service plying from Delhi. The journey is around 8 to 10 Hours.

By Air: The nearest airport is Dehradun.

By Rail: Haridwar is easily connected with a good rail network.


Places to see:
Of course Dodital. And then the temple of Lord Ganesha situated at the corner of the lake. Darwa Top where you can view numerous Himalayan peaks.

Trek to Darwa Pass, camping on the shores of the lake, photography.

Best time to visit:
September to June

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