Gobind Sagar Lake: An ideal location for water sports

Fateh Veer Singh Guram, Travel @ The Hush Post: A man-made reservoir, Gobind Sagar Lake is located in the Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh. The reservoir is named in honour of the tenth guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh. This reservoir is on the Satluj river. The length of the lake is around 56 kilometres, while the breadth is around 3 kilometres.

When the water level is high during the months of October and November, the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department of Himachal organises a series of regattas (a sporting event consisting of a series of the boat or yacht races) on the lake.

Sports like water skiing, sailing, kayaking, water scooter racing and speed boating are very popular, and ferry rides are a popular tourist attraction on the lake.

Apart from the sports listed above, swimming races are also conducted in the lake. Canoeing is another popular sport, while whitewater rafting is also done. To make the lake a premier watersports hub, the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department has made a huge Water Sports Complex in Luhnoo Ground, Bilaspur. The Complex includes boarding and lodging facilities and also provides equipment for water sports.

The lake has also declared a refuge for waterfowl in 1962. Fishing is popular here, and there are nearly one hundred and fifty species of fish in the lake.

Places to Visit near Gobind Sagar Lake:

Bahardurpur Fort:

Located atop a hill called Bahardurpur, this fort is located at a distance of nearly 40 kilometres from Bilaspur. Built in 1835, the fort is currently in ruins, but the top of the hill offers spectacular views of the mountains of Shimla.

Sariun Fort:

Located at a distance of nearly 58 kilometres, it is located at a height of nearly 1,500 metres. The fort is nearly 12 metres high and is made out of stone. According to local legend, the stones used in the construction of the fort can never be used to build a house.

How to Reach:

The lake is at a distance of 34 kilometres from Bilaspur, the district headquarters. The state capital, Shimla, is located at a distance of 135 kilometres.

Chandigarh and New Delhi are located at a distance of 185 kilometres and 434 kilometres, respectively.

The nearest railway station is at Nangal Dam, which is located 80 kilometres away. The nearest airport is in Shimla.


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