Temples of Mandi: Dhuan Devi Temple

temples@thehushpost.com: The temple, situated at the top of hills, and with
forests all around it is the place where Goddess Dhumavati is worshipped. The efforts  needed to reach the Dhuan Devi temple in Himachal Pradesh are indeed worth the beauty and divinity of the temple. In the way to this temple, one could easily find a variety of Himalayan wild fruits, trees, and astounding views that you could not resist to capture in a camera. Kafal, the most popular and unique fruit of Mandi district is also found on the way to Dhuan Devi temple.

The temple is best for one day outing with family and friends, to experience nature and to take blessings from the goddess. There are many reasons to visit this devi temple, the primary one being the annual three-day fair that is organised here.

Visiting the temple- It is located at Dhuan Dhar, a place at a distance of 18 km from
Mandi district, with various picnic spots, and accommodation places including hotels and rent houses. At an altitude of 1653 M above the sea level, the temple offers top view of Prashar hills from one of its sides, and dense forests on other. The uphill and narrow road from Mandi leads to the temple with Kotmorsh village in between. To keep track of the location, another known village around this place is Majwahar.


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