Temples of Mandi: Kameshwar Mahadev Temple

kameswartemples@thehushpost.com: The temple, located in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, is devoted to Lord Shiva, to the Kameshwar avatar to be more precise. People visit the temple to present offerings to lord, and to get blessed in several ways. The main purpose that lord Kameshwar is worshipped, include the purpose of getting wealth, salvation, relief from ailments, gaining knowledge, and to fulfill
wishes such as purchasing vehicles.

Mandi hold significance for several temples that are based on worshipping lord
Shiva, but each of them has its own form and purpose of worship. Each temple
carries a unique history, religious stories behind it, along with wonderful
architectures that hold people spellbound.

Location- The temple is located in the village Masdhwan of tehsil Sarkaghat at 12
km distance from the district Mandi of Himachal Pradesh. The staying allowances
include a few restrooms and small hotels of the village. A convent school is also
present near the temple within village. Hanuman Mandir, Balaji Mandir, and
Darbar Garh are the other places anyone could explore once the visit of
Kameshwar temple has been completed.

For any one day picnic, or trip that any family, or a friend circle plans, the temple
is a must drop by, and experience the purest form of spirituality while being
connected to nature at the same time.


Temples of Mandi: Shitala Mata Mandir

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