Landour: A town where you’ll lose track of time

The Hush Post: Landour is a small town close to Mussoorie and more famous as the home of the eminent writer Ruskin Bond.

Close to Dehradun, Landour is a tiny cantonment town. Located in the Mussoorie range of the Western Himalayas, Landour receives a good monsoon. Winters are harsh while summers are cool. The townhouses a variety of trees like Oak, Pine, Deodar, Cedar, Ash giving the town a serene atmosphere.

How to get there:

Landour in Mussoorie is about an hour from Dehradun. The connectivity to Dehradun is pretty good from most of the metros.

By Air: Dehradun has direct flights coming in from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

By Train: There are lots of train options to Dehradun from Delhi and other major cities of India.

By Road: There are a whole host of Volvos and other buses to Dehradun. It takes about 8 hours from Delhi to Dehradun by road.

Landour is easily accessible by road. Arrive in Dehradun by train or flight from where you can proceed by road.


Places to See:

Laal Tibba hill, the highest point in Mussoorie (8000m above sea level) is in Landour. The hill poses beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset. The Aglican Church of St. Paul was constructed in the year 1839 and was used as the British Military Hospital till 1947. Kellogg’s Memorial Church was built in 1903. The Church is named after Dr Samuel H Kellogg who taught Hindi to the British. Chaar Dukan Area is a popular spot for shopping and eating. Landour Language School is a leading one for language learning in India and teaches Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.


Sightseeing, Walking, hiking, trekking, camping, mountaineering, Rock Climbing and Rappelling, Rafting, Boating and Fishing

The ideal time to visit: March to September when the view of the peaks is exquisite.

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