Magnificent orchards, high-intensity treks, and amazing views: Welcome to Reckong Peo

Fateh Veer Singh Guram, Travel @ The Hush Post: Known as the place where gods dwell, Reckong Peo, also known as Peo, is the headquarter of the Kinnaur district and sits atop a height of 2,290 metres. Being a relatively unexplored place, it has much to offer to tourists who love to explore unexplored places.

The town is famous for its apple orchards and the ‘Kinnauri Apple’ is famous all over the world. However, the town is not just famous for its apple variety; it is a place immersed in history and tranquillity.

Ruled by the Guge kingdom of Tibet from the 9th to 12th centuries, the region was divided into seven parts, called the Sat Khund. The region then became a part of the Mughal Empire when it was conquered by Akbar. After the end of the Mughal empire, the district came to be known as Chini Tehsil.

Places to visit:

Chandika Temple:

Located at a distance of 3 kilometres from Reckong Peo, the temple is dedicated to the local deity who is believed to be very powerful. Also known as Shuwang Chandika, the idol of the goddess is made of gold.

As per legend, Chandika is one of the 18 children of the demon devta ‘Banaasur’. While ‘Banaasur’ presided over Kinnaur, his eldest daughter, Chandika presided over ‘Sairag’, also known as the heart of Kinnaur. Chandika, with the help of her brother, ‘Chagaon Maheshwar’ fought with a demon in order to maintain her control over the region.


Located at a distance of nearly 15 kilometres from Reckong Peo, Kalpa is a small town that was once the district headquarter of Kinnaur. The town gained prominence when the British Governor General, Lord Dalhousie visited the town in the 19th century. The famous Narayan-Nagani temple is an example of local architecture, and there are quite a few Buddhist monasteries and temples. Kalpa is located very close to the foot of Kinner Kailash peak. The Kinner Kailash peak is believed to be the home of Lord Shiva.

Rarang Monastery:

This monastery came up in the wake of Tibetan influences from the Drugpa sect. There are older Tibetan dwellings and small temples close to the monastery, and the entire area paints a very holy picture.

Brelengi Gompa:

This monastery was constructed specially for the Dalai Lama to perform the Kalachakra ceremony in 1992. Right next to the monastery lies a statue of Buddha, which is 10m high and can be seen from far away.

Reckong Peo is also the starting point of many treks, and the holy pilgrimage to the Kinner Kailash also starts from here.

Best time to visit:

The ideal months to visit are from March to June and September to December.

How to Reach:

Being a district headquarter, Reckong Peo is well connected to all major cities of Himachal Pradesh. Regular buses ply between Shimla, the state capital, and Reckong Peo. The distance between the two cities is 260 kilometres.

The distance between Chandigarh and Reckong Peo is 328 kilometres and Delhi lies at a distance of 568 kilometres.

The nearest railhead is in Shimla, which is at a distance of 219 kilometres. The nearest airport is in Shimla, and the distance between Shimla airport and Reckong Peo is around 250 kilometres.

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