Rajgarh: A quaint place which is close to mother nature

Fateh Veer Singh Guram, Travel @ The Hush Post: A former princely state, ruled by Rajas of the Raghuvanshi lineage, Rajgarh is the biggest subdivision of the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh. This district, which lies almost entirely in the Shiwalik range of the Himalayas, is relatively unexplored as people usually go to the more explored towns of Shimla, Manali, Kullu, Kufri, etc. However, the proximity of Sirmaur to the plain makes it an ideal weekend destination, and Rajgarh is thus the perfect place to spend some peaceful time with your loved ones.

Located in the ‘peach valley’ of India, Rajgarh is full of greenery and is a place of great natural beauty. The people who inhabit this region are extremely religious, and are ardent followers of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. As per local legends and folklore, Lord Shirgul settled at the Churdhar peak, at a height of 12,000 feet. He first came to Shaya village, and the local Shaya temple of Lord Shirgul has a massive following in the region.

Places to Visit:


Located at an altitude of nearly 2,500 metres, this small town was once the summer capital of the Sirmaur state. The town houses the Maa Bhangyani Temple, who is the Goddess sister of Shirgul Mahadev. She is believed to be one of the most powerful deities to be worshipped in Sirmaur. It is located at a distance of nearly 62 kilometres from Rajgarh.

Habban Valley:

This beautiful valley is surrounded by deodar forests, and is located at a height of nearly 6,770 feet. There is plenty of wildlife that can be seen in this valley, as peacocks, deer, bears, ghorals and kakkars have been spotted in the area. It is located at a distance of around 30 kilometres from Rajgarh.


This hamlet is full of an old world charm, as it is unexplored and is a wonderful site for camping. Since there are no ‘tourist spots’ in this region, this place is ideal for trekking. This place is also the base camp for treks that go up to the Churdhar peak. It is located at a distance of around 27 kilometres from Rajgarh.

Nauni Fort:

Although now in ruins, this fort was once an extremely important structure. It’s big walls can be seen from far away, and it can only be reached via a rather difficult trek. It is located at a distance of nearly 25 kilometres from Rajgarh.

Baru Sahib:

Also known as the ‘Valley of Divine Peace’, Baru Sahib was set up by Sant Teja Singh, who wished to fulfil the wishes of his guru, Sant Attar Singh, of setting up a school that blends scientific and moral education in the lap of the Himalayas. The region around Baru Sahib was chosen as it was blessed by the tenth guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh.

Best Time to Visit:

Since Rajgarh sits at a comfortable height of nearly 1,500 feet, the summer months of April, May, June and mid July experience temperatures around 25-30 degrees. The winter months of November, December and January, however, can experience near freezing temperatures, more so because the region is heavily forested.

Baru Sahib
Baru Sahib

How to Reach:

Rajgarh is well connected by good roads. The District headquarters of the Sirmaur district, Nahan, is located 105 kilometres from Rajgarh. Solan is situated at a distance of 40 kilometres, while the State capital, Shimla is located 85 kilometres away.

The cities of Chandigarh and Delhi are located at a distance of 105 kilometres and 351 kilometres, respectively.

The nearest railhead is located in Solan, which is 40 kilometres, while the nearest airport is in Shimla, which is 85 kilometres away.

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