Sundernagar: The beautiful lakeside town


Fateh Veer Singh Guram, Travel @ The Hush Post: Sundernagar, formerly the capital of the Suket Riasat, is a small town located in the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. The town is famous for the man-made lake which was formed due to the water of the Beas River being diverted from Pandoh.

As per legend, the state was founded in 765 by Bira Sen, who was from the Sena dynasty of Bengal. The early years of the newly formed state were filled with constant warfare, especially with the kingdom of Kullu. However, the Raja of Suket, Raja Bikram Sen managed to subdue Kullu and would extract a regular tribute from Kullu.

Due to the Raja’s diplomatic skills, the state of Suket successfully managed to ally with the British, and upon independence, it joined the Union of India on April 15, 1948.

Places to Visit:

Sunder Nagar Lake:

Formed after diverting the waters of the Beas River, the lake has been formed as a part of the BSL (Beas Satluj Link) Project. The man-made lake is very beautiful and watching the sun rise and set while sitting on the banks of the lake is a treat for the eyes.

Shukhdev Vatika:

Situated near the BBMB reservoir, it is believed that Sage Shukhdev meditated here during the pre-Mahabharat era. Interestingly, the name ‘Suket’ is also derived from the name of the sage. There is an ancient cave in this place, which is believed to date from the Puranic era. Legend has it that the cave goes all the way to Haridwar, and Rishi Shukhdev used it to go and bathe in the Ganga every morning.

Haateswari Temple:

Located at a distance of nearly 8 kilometres from Sundernagar, it is famous for being a place where the history of the Pandavas can be traced. The presiding deity of the region, Devi Haateswari resides in this place, and had a huge following in the region.

Mahamaya Temple:

Located on top of a hill, the Mahamaya temple is one of the biggest temples of Sundernagar, and is visited by thousands of devotees every year. It is dedicated to the Mother Goddess.

Best Time to Visit:

Situated at a height of 1,174 metres, Sundernagar experiences near-freezing temperatures in the winter, due to the presence of the lake. In the summers, the temperature is relatively cool, as the cold waters of the Satluj and the Beas rivers give a cooling effect to the town.

How to Reach:

The nearest airport to Sundernagar is in Bhuntar, which is 82 kilometres away.

The nearest railway station to Sundernahar is in Jogindernagar, which is 80 kilometres away.

Mandi is located at a distance of 45 kilometres, while Pathankot is at a distance of 225 kilometres. Chandigarh and Delhi lie at a distance of 160 kilometres and 409 kilometres, respectively.


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