TEMPLES OF HIMACHAL: Garh Wali Mata, Ahju fort, Palampur

ahju fort, palampur
Garh wali mata, Ahju fort, lies on Mandi -Pathankot national highway and near to the Bir-Billing paragliding site in the famous Kangra valley

Garh Wali Mata, Ahju Fort

One of the ancient shrines of goddess Kali is at the Ahju fort located on the border of Mandi and Palampur. Garh, meaning an observation post, is a part of Ahju fort built by the rulers of the Katoch dynasty and the temple inside the fort dedicated to goddess Kali, is called garh wali mata . The temple is close to the Bir-Billing paragliding site in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It is about 60 km from Mandi town and 20 km from Palampur town.

It is a nice trek of about 2 km from the Mandi-Pathankot National Highway and is also approachable by road, but a trek is more suitable. The place gives a wonderful  overview of the Kangra valley and  the Jogindernagar valley.

The temple has a lot of visitors every Tuesday and the shrine committee also organises a feast every Tuesday for the pilgrims.

Goddess Durga is known by nine names and one such name is Maa Kali, the Garh Mata temple is dedicated to goddess Kali. There are similar temples in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

People from across the country visit the temple on the accomplishment of their desires and as goddess Kali is the symbol of victory of good over evil, people believe that she will protect them from all kind of evil forces.

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