Temples of Mandi: Chamunda Mata Temple

temples@thehushpost.com: The splendor of this this temple attracts several tourists towards it. Chamunda Mata temple in Himachal Pradesh is not just for sight-seeing, but offers a peaceful time to spend with yourself, apart from hustle and bustle of daily life. The spiritual adventures that one experiences at this place leaves a long lasting impression on the soul. It is a must visit spot on weekends, as you feel free, and get a unique opportunity to rejuvenate yourself by visiting this temple. It offers the best family time that can be celebrated as combination of a picnic along with seeking blessings from goddess Chamunda.

Reaching Here: The place is located at a distance of 20 km from Kangra. Chamunda temple consists of a small bathing ghat, which joins up to the temple. The name Chamunda comes from the goddess Bhagwati Chamunda, who is associated with the mythological story of vanquishing demons named Chand and Mund. To visit the temple, a trek of around 16 km can also be experienced, which makes the journey all the more thrilling. Chamunda Mata temple holds value in terms of the faith that people have on it, as well as for the experience that is gained in visiting this holy place.

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