Trump served with ‘broccoli samosa’; social media misses ‘Aalu’, says ‘played with feelings by changing fillings”

The Hush Post | 7:47 pm | One-minute read |

Actor Akshay Kumar was heard crooning in one of his 1997 movie, “Jab tak rahega samose me aalu, Tera rahunga O meri Shalu”. Perhaps, what Akshay, or for that matter the lyricist, didn’t know then that if they had to write the same lyrics 20 years down the lane, Akshay would have to without Shalu.

The Aalu missing from the Samosa is in news amidst US President Donald Trump’s India visit. On Monday when the POTUS had high tea at Sabarmait Ashram, chefs served him ‘broccoli samosas’. Chef Suresh Khanna of Ahmedabad’s Fortune Landmark Hotel served the visitors and delegates broccoli and corn samosa, apple pie, kaju katli and a variety of teas to choose from.

As the menu for high tea went viral, people seemed to be repulsed at the very idea of broccoli-filled samosas. Obviously, their very own Aalu was missing from the samosa.

The social media has described the menu as “unimpressive”.

“If you change a samosa’s fillings, you are playing with feelings! #BroccoliSamosa is NOT samosa. #AlooLoverForever,” wrote another Twitter user. “I have a horrible feeling the president will sulk big time after having Brocolli Samosa,” read another tweet. “Will Trump uncle be eating those broccoli samosas with chutney or Mayonnaise,” tweeted another.


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