Gangrape victim sets herself, son on fire as police refuses to file FIR


The Hush Post Twenty-seven-year-old woman who was gangraped set herself and her 12-year-old son on fire yesterday. While the mother died in the hospital at Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur this morning. Her son who had 15 per cent burn injuries is stable.

The woman was admitted to hospital with 95 per cent burn injuries.

In a dying declaration, the woman alleged that the police did not register her gang-rape complaint and the same men gang-raped her again on August 18.

The woman’s husband told the cops that he was not at home when she set herself on fire.

The couple had allegedly been trying to have a case of rape registered against three men from the village at the police station for over a month. The police had refused to do so, the husband alleged. Instead, they allegedly pressurised the family to take money from the accused and arrive at a compromise.

Three policemen have been suspended and a criminal case has been filed against them.

“A government official managed to record her dying declaration. The husband of the woman has filed an FIR now and one person has been named. That person has been arrested by us. We are taking more steps based on the dying declaration,” said Shivasimpi Chanappa, the police chief of Shahjahanpur.

He said the police officer in charge of the station and two sub-inspectors have been charged because they knew about the case but did not act.

According to reports, the woman was first gang-raped about six months ago by three men from her village. The attackers threatened to kill her son if she revealed about it to anyone.

The woman finally told her husband about a month ago and the couple went to the police, who refused to act. She was allegedly attacked by the accused once more.


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