UP govt bans use of mobile phones inside colleges and universities

The Hush Post | 8:20 pm | One-minute read

The Directorate of Higher Education in Uttar Pradesh has banned the use of mobile phones in colleges and universities of the state.

The move aims to prevent students’ distraction from their studies. There is a mention of the blanket ban of mobile phones in universities and colleges in the new circular issued by the state’s Directorate of Higher Education.

According to the reports, the students won’t even be allowed to bring mobile phones inside the college campus. Also, the ban is applicable to the teachers as well.

The Directorate reportedly observed that many students and teachers used to spend their college hours on their mobile phones.

Earlier, CM Yogi Adityanath had banned the use of mobile phones during his official meetings which included the cabinet meetings also. Some ministers of the state were found to be busy reading messages on WhatsApp during the cabinet meetings.


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