“I dreamt of Lord Ram urging me to come back to Hindu fold,” Muslim man Shahzad converts to Hinduism

Shamli man converts to Hinduism

Shahzad rechristened himself as Sanju Rana after converting to Hinduism and made it official

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Here is a Muslim man who has converted to Hinduism. Shahzad Rana, a Muslim from Shamli district in Uttar Pradesh has converted to Hinduism along with his family.

He has claimed that Lord Ram has been appearing in his dreams, asking him to become a Hindu. This news comes exactly a month after a Muslim family in Baghpat district of the state had embraced Hinduism.

After the conversion, Shahzad rechristened himself as Sanju Rana. Later, he approached the office of the district magistrate to make his conversion official. He said, his Hindu ancestors had converted to Islam.

“For the past 15-20 days, Lord Ram has been appearing in my dreams, asking me to come back (to Hinduism). We were Hindus earlier; invaders had come to our lands centuries ago and forced my ancestors to convert to Islam. I am just returning to my roots,” Rana told ANI.

Shahzad said that the decision to convert was his own. He clarified he was not pressurised by any person or group. He even asserted that his family is happy after converting to Hinduism.

Another conversion took place last month of a family from Baghpat

However, Rana has claimed to have received death threats from a number of people from his neighbourhood, including his uncle, who did not want him to convert.

“I saved my life and fled to the police station this morning. I just want to protect my children,” he said.

Meanwhile, Superintendent of Police Dinesh Kumar, as quoted by ANI, said, “We haven’t received any concrete evidence regarding the threat to his life. The conversion is his (Rana’s) personal matter. Constitutional proceedings will be undertaken in this matter. Also, we haven’t found any evidence that Rana has been forced to convert by any religious group.” Earlier last month, another Muslim man converted to Hinduism along with 12 of his family members in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh.


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