Father stabs, throws daughter in canal for wanting to study further

father stabs and throws daughter in canal

The Hush Post| 3:10 pm |one-minute-read|

In a horrific incident from Shahjahanpur district in Uttar Pradesh, a man allegedly stabbed his 15-year-old daughter and then pushed her into a canal. Reason: The daughter was pressuring the accused father into sending her to school for further studies.

The victim, who miraculously survived to narrate her woeful tale said that her father repeatedly stabbed her in anger after she refused to marry and sought to study further.

News agency ANI said, “My father took me to an isolated place near the canal. My brother joined him. While my brother restrained me with a cloth on the neck, my father repeatedly slashed at me from behind with a knife. I begged him to stop but he did not. He wanted me to stop my studies and get married instead.”

The girl then swam across and escaped. The victim’s brother-in-law told cops that the girl had been living with his family due to fear of being made to marry against her wishes.


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