UP woman’s nose chopped off by in-laws over filing triple talaq complaint

The Hush Post |Two-minute read|7:25 PM

A woman’s nose was allegedly chopped off by her in-laws after she filed a case of triple talaq against them. The incident took place in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh.

The ancient practice by Muslims of instant divorce by saying ‘Talaq’ thrice by the husband has been recently banned under a new law. Moreover, this law provides a three-year jail term to the guilty.

“We got a complaint that a man gave triple talaq to her wife over the phone. Both families were called and a counseling attempt was made. When the matter did not resolve, we filed the case under the relevant section of the triple talaq law,” a police officer told.

Further, he said, “The woman was thrashed. She is in hospital now. She was injured on her nose.”

The woman’s mother Sharifun Nisha alleged her daughter was thrashed by her in-laws after she went to the police to complain about triple talaq.

“I went to the police station to file a triple talaq case for my daughter. Her in-laws threatened her when she did not withdraw her case. Later on, they lashed her up,” Nisha said.

The woman’s brother-in-law also alleged his family used a sharp weapon to ‘cut off her nose’. “They also hit me with a stone,” he mentioned.

The bill to ban triple talaq failed last time in the Rajya Sabha but managed to sail through the opposition-dominated upper house on July 31 this year.


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