US journos expelled from China for reporting about Corona Virus

Corona in Kerala

The Hush Post| 7:13 pm|one-minutre-read|

Journalists working for The New York TimesWashington Post and The Wall Street Journal, are being expelled from China. They are also being asked to provide details about their operations.

This comes after the United States (US) restricted the number of Chinese journalists, working for the State-controlled media, to 100.

The move comes at a time when the free flow of information across borders is more important than ever.

There is, of course, a context to the decisions.

Ties between the US and China went all-time low in recent years — from geopolitical tensions to the trade war to more recently, President Donald Trump terming the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) as the “Chinese Virus”.

There is also a disjunct in the political systems, and the understanding of the role of a free Press.

China sees critical coverage, including its handling of Covid-19, as motivated and seeks to crack down on those it considers unfriendly or hostile media platforms and reporters, given that it is domestically used to a conformist Press under tight control.



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