Dad throws son into canal for insisting that he wanted to eat momos

Sanjay Alvi

The Hush Post: In a shocking incident, a 31-year-old dad threw his 6-year-old son into a canal in Agra on Saturday.

The boy was crying and insisted that he wanted to eat ‘momos’. The stubbornness angered the man, who was apparently drunk at that moment and he threw the boy into the canal.

Much after the incident the locals divers tried to retrieve the boy but only dead. The body was found today in the morning.

Police got a crisis call on Saturday that a man had thrown a child in the canal from Khadar Puliya. After initial inquiries, it was found that Sanjay Alvi, resident of Bhangar Mohalla, Madanpur Khadar, allegedly threw his child, Ayaan, into the canal in a fit of rage.

The passersby saw the man throwing the boy into the canal water, and caught hold of the culprit. Then they informed the police about the incident.

Police called the local divers, fire brigade and a rescue team to save the boy, but couldn’t, as it was late in the night. The boy’s body was found in the afternoon today.
Alvi is an e-rickshaw driver by occupation and has now been arrested. A case of murder has been lodged against him.

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