Man live-streams suicide on Facebook | 2,700 people watch no one informs family |Dead

Munna Kumar

The Hush Post: Here is a 24-year-old man live streaming his suicide on Facebook and over 2,700 people watching it, not a single man came forward for help.

The live stream on Facebook went on for 37–long-minutes. The reason why he committed suicide was because he held himself responsible for not being absorbed in the Indian Army. And he thought that he was responsible for letting his parents down. A big fan of Bhagat Singh, Munna Kumar, 24, was a Science graduate from Shanti Nagar under New Agra Police jurisdiction.

He shared a 1: 09-minute long video in which he hung himself and more than 2,700 people watched, but not a single person raised an alarm or tried to contact her family.

He left a six-page suicide note blaming himself for what he was doing and what led him into doing it.

Vikas Kumar, younger brother of Munna Kumar said that he was perfectly normal. In the night he had dinner with others in the family and there was no visible tension on his face. Munna’s father had opened a grocery shop recently for him to help him overcome depression. But that didn’t work.

The police have sent the body for post-mortem.

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