Five of family dead, one found in fridge, 2 others in almirah & suitcase


The Hush Post: In a shocking incident, five members of a family including three children were found dead inside a locked room in Allahabad.

On late Monday night, a man was found hanging from the ceiling fan, while his wife’s body was found in the fridge. The bodies of two young girls Srishti, 8, and Sonu, 3, were stuffed inside an almirah and in the suitcase. Another daughter Shivani, 6, was found with a frothed mouth and was lying on the floor in another room.

The police said that the house was locked from inside and they had to break through the door. According to SSP Allahabad, “It seems that 35-year-old, Manoj Kushwaha who was a resident of Pipalgaon in Dhoomanganj killed his wife and three daughters, and later committed suicide.” All the five bodies have been sent for post-mortem.

A froth traced around the mouth of Shivani suggests that Manoj probably poisoned them before killing them most likely by strangulation.

A similar case from Burari in north Delhi had sent shock waves across the country when bodies of eleven members of the same family were recovered from their home last month.

A probe into the deaths later revealed that the case was one of mass suicide where the victims were suffering from a condition which is commonly known as a shared psychotic disorder.

Evidence that emerged, in this case, revealed how all of the family members had actively participated in a superstitious ritual which led to their deaths.

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