Miracle: Train runs over 1-yr-old baby, keeps lying on railway track, escapes unhurt; WATCH VIDEO

The Hush Post|07:05 pm| 2-min-read

Jako rakhe sanyia mar sake na koye‘ goes a folk couplet. Its practical significance came to fore when a one-yr-old baby escaped unhurt under a running train. The incident took place at Mathura Railway Station on Tuesday afternoon.
In a 30-second video posted by news agency ANI, the baby girl can be seen lying on the tracks while a train passes over her.

When the train left the platform, onlookers ran onto the tracks and found the baby safe.
A Hindi daily reported that the baby’s father, Sonu from Deeg Gate in Mathura, was alighting. He suddenly realised that someone had stolen some money kept in his shirt.
As he was coming out, Sonu’s wife, who was holding the baby girl, got pushed from behind. In the melee, the baby fell from her grasp onto the railway track.
Before her parents could retrieve her from the ground, the train started moving. It started hurtling in full speed with the baby still lying on the tracks. Everybody stood helpless, watching the terrifying event unfold in front of their eyes.
Miraculously, the baby girl did not even get a scratch and was safely picked up from the tracks and handed over to her family. The girl’s name is Sahiba, the daily reported.

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