Shoe for a shoe | BJP MP and MLA beat up each other with shoes; WATCH VIDEO

The Hush Post|08:25 pm| 2-min-read

A shoe-for-shoe fight broke out between an enraged BJP MP and one of the BJP MLAs from Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday.

The point of contention was BJP MP Sharad Tripathi asking why his name was not included on the foundation stone for a local road. Rakesh Baghel, one of the MLAs from the district, said that it had been his decision.

What started as an argument, quickly turned into a debate and eventually resulted in a physical fight between the MP and the MLA. Both started bashing each other with their shoes.

The incident happened during an official meeting. Finally, police officers attending the conference had to intervene to end the fight. This was done in full presence of the media and the public. The two lawmakers can be heard abusing each other in the videos which were recorded almost by everyone attending the meeting.

Later, the MLA and a group of his supporters protested and complained outside the district magistrate’s office, demanding the BJP MP’s arrest.

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